Olomouc_Horní náměstí 2021

11/02/2021 - 2022

30 let CAESARA

Caesar Gallery in Olomouc celebrating 30 years of its existence. Viktor, the car, was the first one to congratulate here. !!! 


my bathtubs exhibition in Caesar in 2003

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30 let galerie
olomouc-zajímavosti města


Man in the mold_glass figurine

06/26/2018 - do 6.března 2022

Člověk v plísni

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11/24/2018 - 09/28/2019

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LSD_Ochranný faktor_Jitka.jpg

září 2018 - srpen 2019 

....kam až sahají některé naše životní potřeby...


Havlickova_for Brychta_figurka_Murano201

2017 -  2018


I made in glass, yet unrealized figurines designs of Mr. Brychta, what had existed only in clay sketches. I presented it in Murano GAS Conference in 2018


Gladiator_tatooed sculpture_Zdenek Srstka_Bill



" Bill, a leather rival, abrasion resistant, who is always ready to fight. He is tatooed by cheat sheet from school notebooks, tatoo of Czech Roman-Greek wrestling history, and more

Když zápasníci vstupují do arény, diváci se často zkraje ptají: "Který z nich je silnější? Ale na to nikdy nemůžeš odpovedet předem. Nevíš, ...

tatooed leather sculpture





monument crocheted  in 2001

háčkovaný veterán z roku 2001

Public Art Project 2001 - 2021

 Who would not like to build his own car while watching his favourite TV programme?  My original idea was to make a monument to my first car. It was Skoda Octavia combi from 1967. I called it Victor. 


  During 20 years of its existence Victor has been exhibited in many diverse places / since 2001. He visited Califonia for several months, he was shown  in Meda Mládková´s Kampa Museum for two years.  Every place, every time brought a new perspective on this piece of art.

     In certain way Viktor is a patriotic and representative project to celebrate old tradition of Czech industry  and  folk craftsmanship.

Thanks to Mr. Miroslav Schubert from Caesar Gallery and City of Olomouc for opportunity to exhibit in the historical centre of the city right now.

Viktor ležící I..2002.JPG
one is less_cumil sam.jpg

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